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Uninstallation failed: Not able to uninstall F-secure?

Posted by tripathiabhishek on July 26, 2010

For quite many days, my Windows was running too slow, and when I checked the CPU usage I found that F-secure files were taking a lot of CPU power. I wanted to un-install current version of F-secure and re-install it from the scratch. But I was not able to do, each time I tried to un-install F-secure, I got a message like:

Uninstallation Failed: Not able to read the uninstallation registry………… Restart your system and try again.

After a long, tiring and unsuccessful Google search,  I finally decided to contact F-secure. They fortunately have a nice live chat system, where you can chat with a technical expert. Chat with an expert.

This is what I was recommended to uninstall F-secure from my system successfully.

  • Download uninstallation tool from ftp://ftp.f-secure.com/support/tools/uitool/UninstallationTool.exe
  • Run it by double-clicking.
  • It will automatically re-start the computer after a while.
  • Once re-started, clean the junk file, temporary files and Internet temporary files.

In my case, the automatic re-start did not work. I had to start the system in previous setting mode. But after that it was successful.

Warning:  It’s better to get help from F-secure directly than blindly following my description. Your problem might be different altogether.


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